Enrica Mannari

Illustrations of life and freedom


Enrica Mannari’s women are gentle and complicated. They are scared, and yet find the strength within themselves to overcome the fear thanks to colour and irony.
At almost forty, this visionary illustrator, with her significant communication skills, has reached an important moment of awareness: she was born by the sea, and by the sea on a faraway day she intends to spend her last days. For now, she draws, as she has always done ever since she was a child.
But in her life, nothing is for granted. And thus, after 18 years spent working as a graphic designer and creative director in design and fashion, she has left the city of her dreams, Milan, to pursue a freer life, with rhythms that are a better match for her free spirit.
She travels on a Volkswagen van, which she uses for her mobile projects and as a study, enabling her to work on the road. She believes painting in real life is a psycho magic gesture, and is convinced that art has the great power of improving oneself and the world. She works for a multitude of brands at an international level and adores projects that focus on inclusion as a centerpiece of their philosophy. Do not lose sight of her.

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